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What is the procedure for foreigners to marry in Turkey and what are the consequences?

Article 12 of the Law on Private International Law regulates 'Marriage' and Article 13 regulates 'Divorce'.

What are the conditions for acquiring Turkish citizenship through marriage?

Marriage with a Turkish citizen does not automatically acquire Turkish citizenship. However, foreigners who want to acquire Turkish citizenship due to marriage with a Turkish citizen must proof that they have been married for at least three years,

In what ways is Turkish citizenship acquired?

In what ways is Turkish citizenship acquired?

In which cases is it possible for a child born out of wedlock and having a foreign mother to become a Turkish citizen?

A child born out of wedlock to a foreign mother can become Turkish citizens in the following three ways:

  1. a) Correction of lineage,
  2. b) Accruing paternity by decree
  3. c) Recognition

How to make a notification in a foreign country?

Notification in a foreign country is made through the competent authority of that country.

How is a notification made by a foreign country to its own citizen in Turkey?

Provided that the provisions of the agreements and the principles of reciprocity are reserved,