While I was working at the Notary public……………. with the seal and signature below I can after a request and according to the identity card certified by the serial number of ...................; and ... registration nummer I understood that the person born in ...... asked me to issue a power of attorney in the form of a regulation. From the identity he showed I saw that he was the person in the attached photograph and that he had the ability to act.The person concerned said the following: : I hereby appoint Attorney of ​Umut GÜNEŞ, Antalya Bar Association, with ID number 30802000496, and with Kemer Tax Office with tax number 434 014 5617, with office at Bahçelievler Mahallesi Konyaaltı Caddesi Czip Apt.No:46 Kat:4 D:10 Antalya and attorney Ebru Süzer GÜNEŞ with ID nummer 30799000592 and the tax number of Üçkapılar Tax Office 434 014 5934 to be my lawful attorney with the power or authority to

Act on behalf of our Company to BUY IMMOVABLE PROPERTY: From any place and position within the borders of the Republic of Turkey, over land share, condominium easement or condominium ownership, at any time and at any price and conditions, from any private and legal persons with or without shares, to purchase all kinds of restrictions and encumbrances on the goods, to pay the sales prices, to receive the waiver certificates to be given in my favor, to accept them in the presence of the authorized officer, to sign the land registry and registers and all documents, to request registration, to receive the title deed to buy real estate on our behalf to issue and sign contracts in notary publics in the form and conditions they wish, to have annotations on the relevant land registry, to have annotation and cancellation when necessary, to pay all kinds of fees and duties, to receive the parts to be returned, accept the immovable property donations to be made in our favor, signing the land registry and registers, To take all necessary actions and sign in order for us to benefit from all kinds of exemptions regarding fees, stamps and pictures in the laws, and also to take over all memberships on behalf of our company from all the COOPERATIVES established or to be established WITHIN THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEY, to sign transfer agreements at any price and conditions, to represent our company before the relevant cooperative, to sign documents and papers that need to be signed, to vote, to elect, to participate in meetings, to sign decisions, to register memberships, to carry out and sign all necessary transactions regarding all immovable properties owned or to be owned by our company within its borders, in accordance with the CONSTRUCTION OWNERSHIP LAW, to arrange a list, management plan, project, sketch, and plan, to correct them when necessary, to convert the construction servitude into condominium ownership, to have it registered, to obtain residence and usage permits, to my name, to have electricity, water and natural gas installations connected in our real estate to be purchased, to arrange and sign contracts in front of the relevant institutions, to submit declarations and petitions, to protect our rights and interests regarding this real estate, to issue all kinds of warnings to third parties, acting on behalf of our company to make and sign special transactions in front of all official authorities and authorities, to establish the right of mortgage on all immovable properties within the borders of the Republic of Turkey in favor of our company, with the maturity, price and conditions it wishes, in the order and degree it wishes, to accept the mortgage approvals, to have their registration and registration, to extend the maturity of the mortgage, to renew it, to request free degree, to establish and register collateral mortgages in my favor, to accept the transfer and establishment of the mortgage right to other immovable properties, to collect what I will receive in return for the mortgage, to release the debtor, to remove the established mortgage partly or completely, to give their final approvals, to give their approval for all these works in the land registry offices and the competent authorities and authorities. To carry out all the works on my behalf, to sign the necessary documents in the land registry.