In the power of attorney to be given to the lawyer regarding recognition and enforcement, it is obligatory to include the photograph of the person giving the power of attorney. General Power of Attorney: In order for the attorney to act on behalf of the client, the client will authorize the attorney. In this type of power of attorney, the attorney can act on behalf of its client with the exception of contracts in the form of donations and sales. I hereby appoint Attorney of ​Umut GÜNEŞ, Antalya Bar Association, with ID number 30802000496, and with Kemer Tax Office with tax number 434 014 5617, with office at Bahçelievler Mahallesi Konyaaltı Caddesi Czip Apt.No:46 Kat:4 D:10 Antalya and attorney Ebru Süzer GÜNEŞ with ID nummer 30799000592 and the tax number of Üçkapılar Tax Office 434 014 5934 to be my lawful attorney with the power or authority to protect my rights and interests to protect my rights and interests to register real estates within its borders, which are inherited from my heirs and which must be inherited in my name, to prove my inheritance and to receive a certificate of inheritance, to accept the principles of ownership and shareholding in joint ownership, to acquire the title deed or acquire them in my name, To write and sign all kinds of documents, books and records, to have all real estates transferred to my name for whatever reason, to follow and conclude these transactions before the Land Registry Directorate, to remove the encumbrances, to dispose of all kinds of documents and to follow up all kinds of fees, taxes and to deposit expenses, to object to the overpaid, to recover the parts to be refunded, to carry out and sign all kinds of legal and special transactions related to the above-mentioned issues in front of all official authorities and authorities, to obtain a tax number from the relevant tax office, to receive and give documents by hand, to register and to issue copies, to issue and sign all documents and documents to be arranged, to be authorized and graduated together or separately.



KEMER V.D.434 014 56 17

T.R. ID NO 30802000496

Merkez Mah.Baris Manco Cad. Kervansaray Site. No:3G/3 KEMER /ANTALYA



T.R. ID NO 30799000592

Merkez Mah. Baris Manco Cad. Kervansaray Site. No: 3G/3 KEMER/ANTALYA



T.R. ID NO 43565100464

Merkez Mah. Baris Manco Cad. Kervansaray Site. No: 3G/3 KEMER/ANTALYA Warning: examples and explanations of the power of attorney are written for the purpose of brief information, and the sample power of attorney may be narrower or broader in its content. ​The explanations of the power of attorney examples written above, and the explanations of the terms in the power of attorney may not exactly correspond to the power of attorney or terms, and may not fully reflect the elements needed during the issuance phase.