General Power of Attorney: In order for the attorney to act on behalf of the client, the client will authorize the attorney. In this type of power of attorney, the attorney can act on behalf of its client with the exception of contracts in the form of donations and sales. I hereby appoint Attorney of ​Umut GÜNEŞ, Antalya Bar Association, with ID number 30802000496, and with Kemer Tax Office with tax number 434 014 5617, with office at Bahçelievler Mahallesi Konyaaltı Caddesi Czip Apt.No:46 Kat:4 D:10 Antalya and attorney Ebru Süzer GÜNEŞ with ID nummer 30799000592 and the tax number of Üçkapılar Tax Office 434 014 5934 to be my lawful attorney with the power or authority to protect my rights and interests to respresent me in every part and level in front of the Turkish Courts , assemblies, chambers and organizations and/or in the European Court of Human Rights and/or in all states affiliated to the United Nations, due to lawsuits and proceedings that have been or will be brought against me, to represent me in every capacity and manner, to protect my rights and interests, to participate in lawsuits, to file lawsuits, to arbitrate and to appoint an arbitrator, to participate in all actions that he deems appropriate for the provision, defense and preservation of my rights, to submit all kinds of petitions and documents to the relevant institution and organization with his/her signature on behalf of me, to give notice and notification, to issue notices, warnings and protests, and to make a determination for answers, to show witnesses and experts, to accept or reject the ones shown by the other party, to accept or reject the oath offer, to make discovery, to be present in the discoveries, to object to and accept the discovery reports, to re-discover, to request, to sign the minutes to have them put in their reports, to take precautionary and enforcement measures and to remove them, to examine the files, to exchange documents, to issue records and copies, to reject the judges, arbitrators, experts, witnesses and clerks, to request that I be excluded from the hearings, to request rectification, to plead for rectification, to agree to waive the appeal and plea, to request a correction decision, to proceed with the transfer of cases and in the Supreme Court, Council of State, Court of Accounts, State Security Courts, Regional Administrative Courts, Tax Courts, Tax Offices, to represent me in all courts and organs established or to be established with commissions and enforcement directorates, to request reconciliation, to carry out the relevant transactions in all other government offices, to request the execution of all decisions from the relevant institutions and organizations, to participate in enforcement proceedings, sales and tenders, to bid, to deposit, to withdraw, to have the reserved goods set off against the claim, to deliver and receive the goods, to dismiss the power of attorney that I have given before, to obtain, to settle, to release the precautionary lien, to make a declaration of property, to waive the lawsuit and appeal, to accept the waiver of the case, to accept the waiver of these powers, to promote and dismiss of others in whole or in part, and individually.