In the power of attorney to be given to the lawyer regarding recognition and enforcement, it is obligatory to include the photograph of the person giving the power of attorney. General Power of Attorney: In order for the attorney to act on behalf of the client, the client will authorize the attorney. In this type of power of attorney, the attorney can act on behalf of its client with the exception of contracts in the form of donations and sales. I hereby appoint Attorney of ​Umut GÜNEŞ, Antalya Bar Association, with ID number 30802000496, and with Kemer Tax Office with tax number 434 014 5617, with office at Bahçelievler Mahallesi Konyaaltı Caddesi Czip Apt.No:46 Kat:4 D:10 Antalya and attorney Ebru Süzer GÜNEŞ with ID nummer 30799000592 and the tax number of Üçkapılar Tax Office 434 014 5934 to be my lawful attorney with the power or authority to protect my rights and interests to protect my rights and interests to represent me in all parts and degrees of the Judiciary organs, chambers and organizations of the Republic of Turkey due to lawsuits and proceedings brought or to be filed against me, in every way and capacity, and my wife ………………………….' Regarding the DIVORCE, lawsuits that I brought against my spouse or that my wife ………………………….. will file against me, as well as the RECOGNITION AND ENFORCEMENT of the decisions regarding my divorce lawsuit filed by courts in a country other than Turkey, and lawsuits against other institutions and individuals. to file, to pursue execution proceedings, to participate in the lawsuits, to follow up and conclude, to deliver the documents to the relevant institutions, to arbitrate and appoint arbitrator, to submit all kinds of petitions and documents to the relevant institutions and organizations with his/her signature on behalf of me, to show witnesses and experts, to offeri oath, accept and rejecti the oath, making explorations, being present in explorations, objecting to discovery reports, requesting re-discovery, precautionary and executive injunctions and Enforcement Offices, Court of Cassation, Court of Accounts, Regional Administrative Courts, tax court to

take all kinds of legal actions, to follow up the works, to appeal the decisions, to rectify the decisions and to request the restitution of the proceedings, to take all kinds of legal actions, to follow up the works, to appeal the decisions, to request the rectification of the judgments, to request judges, experts, arbitrators, witnesses, clerks and experts in all the courts and State Security Courts, as well as the judicial organs established or to be established by law, and all other state offices, to complain and reject, to transfer cases, to attend hearings, to exchange documents, to make records and copies, to examine files, to correct mistakes, to tax offices, tax objection, appraisal, appeal and provincial reconciliation commissions and organs established by law on this subject and to be established hereafter, to request reconciliation, to sign the minutes, to follow and conclude the necessary legal proceedings, to request that I be freed from the hearings, to request the execution of all decisions from the relevant institutions, to accept and reject the case, to waive the case, to accept the case.

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