Gunes & Gunes is strongly committed to the universal principles and values of law and attorneyship profession. This commitment provides our team to take the approach of law to an artist's meticulousness and see the law as a form of self-expression. In this context, our team believes that providing the best legal advice and advocacy services has an important role in the development of the attorneyship profession.

Gunes & Gunes team, who believes the most important social responsibility of lawyers is to increase people’s respect to the law and their belief in the rule of law, is working on providing the best legal advice and attorney services, also taking important missions in this subject.

In Gunes & Gunes we support young talents who think like our team but do not know where to start, who are willing to exceed their own limits, develop their language and academic competencies at an advanced level, respect for the law and increase the rule of law in front of people. Our gifted young people have the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the Gunes & Gunes lawyers specialized in the field, to get to know the business world closely, to participate in scientific and academic activities and competitions. At the same time, our team also supports intern lawyer and lawyer exchange programs.

In Gunes & Gunes people who are not able to cover the costs of attorneyship and trials are provided with free attorneyship service upon the appointment of the Legal Aid Office under Article 179 of the Law on Advocacy. Furthermore, our team supports many non-governmental organizations by acting together both under the roof of Gunes & Gunes law firm and as individuals, and fulfills its duty to achieve the aim of being a peaceful and prosperous society with a modern legal system.