Return from Europe in 10 questions

Within the scope of the measures coronavirus in Turkey, Turkish students and tourists from nine European countries with flight restrictions today will be brought to Turkey by private expeditions. Everyone who have come from Europe will be quarantined for 14 days.

Under the Vice President Fuat Oktay, some changes were made regarding the flight restrictions at the meeting with the relevant ministers. Previously, to Turkish tourists and citizens, without reference to any place, had provided permission to come to Turkey to March 17. It was decided that this recognized period will expire the night before. Citizens who want to return to Turkey were asked to refer to the diplomatic representations until 17:00 yesterday. Authorities answered questions about how to implement the decisions:

1) For which countries does the flight restriction apply?

China, Iraq, Iran, South Korea, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates, as well as Germany, France, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Denmark in Europe.

2) Will new countries be added to the flight restriction?

Following the evaluations to be made by the Ministry of Health in Europe and worldwide, new countries are added to this list according to the spreading graph of the coronavirus.

3) Turks in Europe were allowed to come to the country until March 17. Is this date valid?

No, it is not valid. This date was updated on Sunday evening, (on 15 March) after a meeting with the relevant ministers headed by Vice President Oktay. Turks in Europe were able to enter the country until 00:00 on the night of the same day without reference to any place.

4) Many flights from Europe, came to Turkey yesterday. Did these planes bring passengers?

No, in accordance with the decision have taken about the flight restrictions by Turkey, since the previous midnight, the planes coming to Turkey this nine European countries as well as from other countries, has entered the country without passengers.

5) Turkish citizens in Europe, how to can return to Turkey?

Yesterday from citizens wanting to return from Europe to Turkey were asked to refer to diplomatic representatives evening hours until 17:00. Once these applications are evaluated, applicants will be able to return to Turkey by private expeditions today.

6) With which the airline company will the flights to Turkey?

Turkish Airlines passengers will be transported with returning the expeditions organized in Europe, other than that, Turkish Airlines, by organizing special expeditions will bring Turkish citizens to Turkey.

7) Could the tickets be purchased from other airlines?

In the event that Turkish Airlines flights are insufficient, other airlines will be allowed to carry Turkish passengers with the decision of the authorities. For example, Lufthansa Airlines, which come in empty to Turkey, can carry the Turkish passengers.

8) Could every Turkish citizens living in Europe return to Turkey?

No. This permit is currently only valid for students studying in Europe and for tourists whose visas are about to expire.

9) How a process will be followed for citizens coming to Turkey today?

Citizens entering Turkey, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, will be in quarantine for 14-day.

10) Where will people coming from Europe be kept in quarantine?

People coming from Europe will be quarantined in the students dormitories which has emptied from students. These measures have been taken.

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