Coronavirus and the legal process in Turkey due to this incident

Corona latest situation about the virus outbreak is curious by Turkey and the world community. The death toll is growing rapidly worldwide, especially in Italy. Minister of Health in Turkey Fahrettin Koca, made last-minute sharing in his Twitter account and used the following phrases: "After the first case described, the total number of incident are forty seven."

On the other hand, the Corona virus map, in which the epidemic was recorded instantly, is among the most researched in recent days. If needed to explain the general situation in the world as well as Turkey on legal aspects; There are travel restrictions to China, South Korea, Iran, Iraq and Italy. Countries have lifted their flights due to travel restrictions. It is recommended not to travel to other countries where the case is possible.

Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul said in his statement; "As a Ministry, we have taken all our precautions against the corona virus. We constantly update our emergency action plan and implement it meticulously. There are no detainees and convicts who have positive coronavirus tests in our penitentiary institutions. Prisoners and convicts who have been received into penitentiary institutions the first time, who have no symptoms of disease, are kept in a separate section for 14 days. Foreign visitors who have recently traveled abroad are not allowed to visit detainees and convicts. If deemed necessary, all visits, including open opinion, are planned to be gradually limited. " used expressions.

According to the announcement by The Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors, the respiratory infectious disease known as "CoronaVirus (Covid-19) has been recorded with 109 thousand confirmed global cases in more than 100 countries, according to the report of the World Health Organization (WHO) dated March 9, 2020. The global risk level for CoronaVirus was increased from "high" to "very high" level on March 2, 2020 and declared as "International Public Health Emergency" by WHO.

Within the scope of the suggestions of the Coronavirus Scientific Board established within the Ministry of Health; "in order not to cause any problems in the conduct of the judicial activities, Except for investigations and prosecutions for imprisoned jobs and other matters to be considered urgent, delaying trials and viewing (abatement) with when deemed necessary, evaluation of the use of the Sound and Video Information System application by our courts, to show the necessary attention and care to implement new measures in line with the suggestions of The Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors, these all situations be announced to all judges and public prosecutors working in all courthouses." explanation has been made.

Pursuant to this announcement, all trial, discovery and non-urgent judicial proceedings were postponed throughout the country.

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