Ahmet Buğra Çelik is the founder and president of the Selçuk University Debate Club, which is registered as having the most qualified and quantitative organizations in the field of Turkey, and is currently the honorary president of Selçuk University Debate Club. During his faculty education, he worked as a parliamentary debate instructor as well as as a debate and jury member in national and international debate tournaments. In addition to this, he started his acting career in Konya Metropolitan Municipality Youth Center and Konya State theatres and left Konya after completing his faculty education.

He completed his internship as a lawyer at Ankara Bar Association. During the internship period, he served as the spokesperson of the sub-Board of Group Spokespersons of the Ankara Bar Association and was one of the founders of Ankara Bar Association television and completed his internship training as Deputy Editor-in-chief of the Ankara Bar Association Intern Lawyers Law, Culture and Art journal “Law Agenda”.

Lawyer Ahmed Buğra Çelik, who started his lawyer career from 12.12.2009, after the first six months of his career as a Labour attorney went to Trabzon to do his military service as a reserve officer.

After completing his military service, he served as a lawyer within the Legal Consultancy of QNB Finansbank for a period of 7 years and 4 months. On 12.07.2018 he resigned from his position in the Legal Consultancy of QNB Finansbank which he started on 04.04.2011.

He started his master's degree in “Private Law” at Çankaya University Institute of Social Sciences and despite successfully completing his first year, he had to give up his second year due to family reasons.

Сurrently as a member of the Ankara Bar Association, he is successfully continues his duties as founding chairman of the Ankara Bar Association Debate Club, founding and vice president of the Capital Markets and Finance Board of the Ankara Bar Association, actor in the Theatre Troupe of the Ankara Bar Association, player in football team of the Ankara Bar Association, member of the Ankara Bar Association Publication Center, a member of the Ankara Bar Association Women's Rights Center, Member of Ankara Bar Association Labor Lawyers, founding member of Ankara Beşiktaş Lawyers Association and a member of the General Assembly.

He has been working as a self-employed lawyer in his own law firm in Ankara since 12.07.2018. At present he continues his career at Güneş & Güneş Law Firm starting from 01.07.2019 in Antalya.