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How is a will drawn up?

A will is a type of testamentary disposition in which persons who have completed the age of 15 and have the power to distinguish, use their right of disposition on their property within the framework of the law.

What does the reserved share mean?

A part of the inheritance that is not allowed to be transferred to another person in the testament of the inheritor is called the reserved share.

What is divorce compensation?

Divorce compensation can be material and non-pecuniary. According to Article 174 of the Civil Code; The faultless spouse of the spouse in less fault whose current or expected interests have been damaged by the divorce may seek appropriate financial compensation from the spouse in fault.

What Should the Debtor's Spouse Claim in the Payment of the Participation Receivable?

“Participation receivables and share of value increase can be paid in money. In the payment, the version value of the goods is taken as basis.”

What is the Effect of Dissolution of Marriage Due to Death on Property Regime?

In case of death, first of all, the liquidation of the property regime is made, and then the inheritance shares are determined. In cases arising from the inheritance share at the

How to Calculate Participation Claim in Case of Adultery?

“In case of divorce due to adultery or intent on life, the judge may decide to reduce or abolish the share of the defective spouse in the residual value in accordance with equity”