Maritime Trade and Transport Lawsuits


Maritime Law is a body of law applied when goods are exchanged by sea. Transport Law is the case where persons or goods are transported by land, airway or railway rather than sea. When it comes to maritime and transport law, although "the ship" comes to mind first, there is no doubt that Antalya, which is a tourism region and a city among Turkey's largest yacht manufacturers by means of Free Zone, is an important region in terms of "yachting".

As Gunes & Gunes, our law firm provides attorneyship and consultancy services to our clients in the matters of preparation of freight and ship rental agreements, representation in the amendment and termination of contracts when necessary, in case of breach of contract participation in negotiations with the other party to end the violation and to cover the damages arising, contacting the mediation institution, ensure the implementation of the arbitration clause in the contract, litigation in courts, making an denunciation and fulfilment of arrest of ships decision through authorized institutions. However, as a law office, we provide attorneyship and consultancy services in the matters of the applications to mediation centres and arbitration committees to resolve disputes concerning maritime and transport law, operation of procedures, the use of precautionary measures, prejudice and imprisonment during or before trial, following transactions such as arrest of ships, application for the execution of the final decisions taken at the end of the trial and appealing the means of contention of unconstitutionality and appeal against the negative decisions.

However, as a law firm, we provide attorneyship and consultancy services for resolution of disputes arising from issues such as yacht construction, maintenance and repair contracts for both private and commercial purposes, registers of yachts, the operation of the legal procedures required during the entry and exit of the country by following current information on Maritime and Transport Law and developments in Free Zone Legislation.

In addition to all these issues, there may be marine accidents for ships and yachts. As a result of these accidents, those following results may also occur: sinking of ships or yachts, regarding as a loss or physical or financial losses. In our law office, we provide attorneyship and consultancy services for representation in cases of compensation of damages to the sea and environmental pollution arising from marine accidents and in cases of objection to administrative fines, litigation for compensation of damages resulting from a maritime accident, making a denunciation when needed, contacting insurance companies and lawyer and legal advice for litigation against third parties.

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