Liability and Compensation Law Cases


Liability and Compensation Law is a structure that covers various branches of law. Especially in Law of Obligations, Commercial Law, Labour Law and Criminal Law, in almost all branches of the law, in the case of contradiction, the liability of the person acting against the law arises, and this liability is resolved by criminal sanctions or by pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages. Since the liability and compensation law includes periods of prescription and final term, the law office working in this field needs to carry out its work meticulously.

In Gunes & Gunes law office, with our team of lawyers working in various branches of law, protective legal consultancy services are provided to prevent legal and criminal responsibilities that may arise from all disciplines of law such as traffic accidents, contracts, wrongful acts, occupational accidents, criminal law and malpractices; advocacy service is provided for filing, executing and determination of claims for compensation related to the losses arising from breakdown of the economic future generating from lack of support, loss of earnings, decrease or incapacity to work.

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