Mergers & Acquisitions Litigation


Partially or completely transferring control of a company to control of another company is the main subject of merger and acquisitions. The importance of a right, legal and strategic planning and of a law office providing a qualified service in this field at each stage of these transactions, which may cause changes in the management and structure of the companies.

In the office of Gunes & Gunes, with our lawyers working in the field of company law, we offer legal consultancy service in the matters of realization of allocated sales within the scope of merger and acquisitions, strategic partnerships established or to be established between national and international firms, and preparation and negotiation of share purchase and shareholder agreements. However, as a law office, we aim to bring our clients to the most profitable result with the right strategy in the matters of making and executing the necessary applications to the relevant authorities and boards and providing consultancy in preparation and negotiation of credit agreements and agreements with financial institutions and independent auditing firms and purchasing block of shares by international clients in public and private Turkish companies.

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