Law on Foreigners


It is explicitly resolved in the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey that everyone is equal under the law regardless of his/her language, race, colour, gender, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, religious sect and similar reasons. However, in some regulations of the Constitution, exceptionally foreigners excluded, only the rights of citizens are defined and secured. The regime of the application of the restrictions imposed by the Constitution and other laws on foreigners and rights against these restrictions granted to people in the country, who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey, is characterized as Law of Foreigners.

The rights of the people, who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey and who are considered as "foreigners" in our law, are protected by both laws and international agreements. "The principle of non-refoulement" is of great importance for foreigners. In the event of repatriation of a foreigner by deporting, when there is a situation where his/her life or freedom will be under threat, then the principle of non-refoulement may come to the fore.

In order to maintain their personal and commercial activities in Turkey and eliminate the possibility of deportation, if the foreigners, who live and work in Turkey without having citizenship of Republic of Turkey, are required to seek legal consultancy on foreigners' law, they need to work together with a law office that is expert in their field and follows global developments.

As Gunes & Gunes law office, with our lawyer staff working in this field, we provide legal consultancy and advocacy services to our clients in the matters of entry of foreigners to Turkey, receiving permits such as residence or work permit, transfer of real estate, international protection and criminal liabilities.

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