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European Union Law is a body of law which is directly related to the member and candidate states of the European Union. This branch of law is basically established and carried out through international conventions. The EU member or candidate states must adapt to the international conventions and bring their domestic rules of law in compliance with these conventions. Also Turkey makes amendments in her domestic law in accordance with international agreements within the scope of membership negotiations with the EU. Individuals or institutions are directly affected by these amendments. Particularly human rights violations have an important place within the scope of this legislation. Provided that Turkey violates the individuals' fundamental rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, in such a case, there may be an application to the European Court of Human Rights.

As Gunes & Gunes, we constantly follow the developments of European Union Law and provide our clients with the most current and most accurate legal advice and advocacy services in the light of domestic regulations. Due to the fact that the legislation is mainly in English, we are a law office incorporating lawyers with advanced knowledge of English language. We are an experienced law office in the field of European Union Law and consequently in Human Rights Legislation. We provide attorneyship and consultancy service to national and international clients for legal matters including exhaustion of domestic remedies; application in foreign language to European Court of Human Rights or other international settlement bodies; pursuance of individual applications; when required, proxy presence in hearing, session, deliberation and settlement procedures; carrying out executive proceedings in domestic legal authorities related to the implementation of the decisions taken.

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