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Labour and Trade Unions Law is a branch of law that deals with issues such as labour, employee, employers, social security and trade unions, examines the legal relationship between them and organizes solutions for disputes that may arise in these matters. Labour and Trade Unions Law protects not only the employee but also the employer at the present day. Therefore, all issues related to employment, particularly labour agreements, need to be examined and regulated by taking into consideration the basic rights and interests of the legislation, conventions and both parties.

In the law office of Gunes & Gunes, changing legislation, developing technology, emergent sectors and all developments related to implementation are closely monitored. As a law office, the procedures related to preparation of labour agreements, revision of current agreements, establishment of human resources protocol in accordance with the legislation, presence in occupational safety inspections, notice of termination and exit are prepared and followed by us meticulously. We have individual and institutional consultancy and advocacy services to follow-up of the receivables to be paid, compensations and social security premiums, action for fixing of period of service, to pursue the filed lawsuits and put the decisions taken into compulsory execution.

in collective labour law where the trade unions are involved, we inform our clients about strike and lockout issues, and we offer legal consultancy in its implementation by taking into account the current legislation and elements of the action to be taken into account. As a law office, we provide consultancy and advocacy services in the matters of requesting the determination of the unlawful cases from the courts in case of strikes and lockouts, settlement of all disputes that may arise due to the implementation, objection and actions of the injunctions to be taken through conciliation, mediation and remedy.

In order to ensure that the work is carried out in a healthy and safe manner, Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 regulates the rights, liabilities and obligations of the employers and employees upon providing the necessary conditions and improving the existing conditions. The establishment of an occupational health and safety board is mandatory in the enterprises where there are fifty and more employees and where long-term jobs are carried out within the period of six months or more. In our law office Gunes & Gunes, we provide legal consultancy services within the scope of current legislation and audit practice to our clients who will start a new business or provide a secure business environment at the current workplace.

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