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Global economic developments and technological innovations rapidly increase competitiveness and make it difficult to reach targeted economic riches. For this reason, enterprises tend to establish strategic alliances with domestic or foreign investors for their investment activities. Joint Venture is the common business structure that is determined by more than one legal entities gathered and acted together. With this opportunity, national and international firms have advantages such as technological development, rapid exploration of foreign markets, reduction of costs, and ease of supply of raw materials. These advantages lead firms in the competition race.

The biggest disadvantage for Joint Venture is the high level of risk of its implementation due to the fact that it is mostly oriented to a region or sector that is not known at all. For these reasons, maximum care should be taken in both domestic and foreign processes of the preparation processes of Joint Venture. Not only the legislation and international conventions, but also the sectoral conditions in the target regions and the social structure should be investigated as much as possible. The agreement with a law office that provides quality services for all these processes will prevent future damage losses.

As Gunes & Gunes, we firstly investigate the target market and geographical conditions in legal advices for joint venture initiatives area with our lawyers. We evaluate local and international legislation according to the needs of our clients. In this context, we are able to make applications for brand, license, warrant and necessary permits.

As a law office, however, we provide attorneyship and consultancy services for the forming, signing and enforcement of the charter, confidentiality agreements, letters of intend and other documents to form a basis for investment partnerships and for the resolution of any legal disputes that may arise in connection with these initiatives. In this respect, first of all we aim to prevent disputes before they arise. Even if this is not the case, to quickly resolve disputes, we represent our clients during the submission of proposals and negotiations. In the event that these stages are not sufficient to settle the dispute, we provide attorneyship and consultancy services for the appeal to the solutions such as litigation, operating the arbitration procedure, mediation or other alternative solutions, execution of judicial and arbitral awards, and the enforcement and recognition procedures of the decisions of foreign judicial institutions.

Joint Ventures often involve additional costs, financial risk calculations, analysis reports from credit institutions, and side operations such as debt restructuring. In our law office named Gunes & Gunes, in addition to the field of International Trade Law, one of our main areas of activity is Law of Banking and Financing. With our lawyer staff working in this field, we provide consultancy services to our clients in the matters of credit application, restructuring, the preparation, negotiation and execution of Construction Financing, guarantee letters and agreements in accordance with current legislation in the face of banks and other financial institutions.

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