İş Hukuku ve Sendikalar Hukuku Sık Sorulan Sorular

In which situations can you benefit from unemployment insurance?

For those who have paid a premium for at least 600 days in the last three years, for 120 days before the termination of the service contract, and become unemployed not due there own fault.

What is unemployment insurance?

It is a compulsory insurance branch established by the State which prevents unemployed persons and their family members from falling into a difficult situation by partially covering their income losses.

What are the differences between Limited Company and incorporated company?

Limited Company is established by two or more real or legal persons under a trade name; It is the type of company whose responsibilities are limited to the capital they undertake to put in and whose basic capital is certain. Its minimum capital is 5,000,00 YTL. It cannot issue securities such as stocks and bonds, it cannot engage in intermediary activities,