Güneş & Güneş is a law firm which works for commercial targeting and sectoral risk analysis for investors and has established various international links within the scope of this study. In addition to the partner offices available in various countries, the specialized attorney staff who can speak many languages such as English, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Arabic also follow up the current national and international developments.

When examined in the regional structure, Antalya port and free zone, which is seen as a priority by various international companies, is one of the international yacht construction and trade centers. At the same time, due to the financial and legal advantages offered, it is considered as a center where individuals and companies can easily realize their investment goals. In the national structure, it is observed that the geography of our country is surrounded by commercial ports, Free Zones, investment and trade opportunities. In this context, it is necessary to obtain a quality legal consultancy service regarding investments to be made in our country which is an attraction Center for investors. Setting off with the right risk analysis and method will ensure commercial quality and success.

Güneş & Güneş, with its expert attorney staff, analyzes the most accurate and up-to-date legal information for investors in the commercial activities to be conducted at national and international levels, and it is aimed to provide investors with the least risk and the most profit in line with this information.

As Güneş & Güneş, we offer legal consultancy and attorneyship services to our clients as well as to international investors, and therefore we are involved in many international platforms. Our legal office is also one of the law offices that many countries, especially the United States and Germany, offer their citizens for legal advice and attorneyship services in Turkey.