International Trade and Customs Law Cases


International Trade Law refers to all the legal rules regarding the establishment, maintenance, termination of commercial business or relations between the trade companies in different countries and the resolution of disputes that may arise. Customs law is a branch of law established for the purpose of monitoring and controlling the entry of goods and products into the borders of a country. This kind of trade relations, in the context of Turkey, brings many economic and legal risks especially for foreign traders. With the correct analysis and strategy of a law office working in this field, these risks can be eliminated.

In Gunes & Gunes law office, we provide legal consultancy and advocacy services for the whole area of International Trade and Customs Law, including the following areas: international trading agreements; delivery and payment methods in international trade; international transportation; foreign exchange; exported-registered purchases and sales; national processing and investment incentives; preventing misrepresentation of the customs tariff and statistical position number (GTIP), amount, value and country of origin of the imported and exported goods, and prevention of heavy customs taxes and penalties to be arisen from this reason; exemptions; resolution of disputes on customs duties; all kinds of consultancy services under the Customs Law and representation in front of customs authorities.

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