Intellectual Property Lawsuits


Intellectual rights are the rights of individuals on the works created by knowledge and making efforts. These artworks are the ones given in the fields of science, literature, fine arts and cinema. Rights in inventions, innovations and designs in industry and agriculture form industrial property rights. Both intellectual property and industrial property; may require legal advice and a law firm providing quality services in this area during establishment, registration and protection of them.

As Gunes & Gunes, we provide consultancy and advocacy services in all matters of intellectual and industrial rights law, especially in the areas of trademark, patent, utility model, design, license and copyrights. By means of a comprehensive research on these issues, we offer the most appropriate road map to our clients in the matters of pre-registration research and execution and licensing of registration applications.

There may be cases such as transferring, limiting, renewing, binding and ensuring their security related to intellectual and industrial property rights. In such cases, we produce the most accurate and fastest legal solutions in favour of our clients. In case of violations of intellectual and industrial property rights, we provide attorneyship and consultancy services via mediation, arbitration, litigation and enforcement for the elimination of violation and the prevention of loss of rights of our clients.

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