Insurance & Reinsurance


Insurance Law is a set of norms and practices determined for the purpose of identifying, preventing and eliminating the errors, infringements and legal disputes arising from insurance activities. The basis of the legal disputes arising from the insurance application is the determination of the scope of the insurance contract, whether or not the risk occurred, when it occurred, bad faith, defect status and collection from defective persons. In the event of reinsurance of all or part of the insured risk, the provisions to be applied to disputes are determined within the rules of Reinsurance Law.

As a law office, with our lawyers working in Insurance and Reinsurance Law; we provide preventive legal consultancy services in the matters of determination of insurance and reinsurance value, reduction of exemptions in favour of the client, identification of persons and determination of reimbursement conditions; besides, in the event where the risk is incurred and where the loss arises, we offer advocacy service for determination and compensation of damage, examination of expert studies, and pursuance of possible recourse lawsuits.

In Gunes & Gunes law office, however, we provide advocacy services for our clients under insurance or reinsurance coverage, for the matters of claims for material and moral compensation claims arising from the breach of insurance or reinsurance contracts, representation in the execution proceedings concerning the collection of the price, monitoring the sessions to be held in the Insurance Arbitration Commission or related authorities; presence in the preparation of any insurance or reinsurance agreement, and performing termination procedures when necessary; follow-up of claims and compensation arising from the occurrence of the risk, and the solution of all kinds of disputes in the fastest and shortest time possible by applying to alternative solutions.

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