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Hotel Lease Agreements is the contract that the Landlord transfers the hotel and its furnitures to the Tenant for the purpose of running the hotel, and that the Tenant pays the rent agreed in the Contract and fulfil his/her obligations arising from the Law. In hotel management agreements, the hotelkeeper, unlike the hotel lease agreements, maintains the right to operate and receives services related to the hotel management only for the price it pays. Hotel financing agreements are prepared upon the wish of domestic or foreign investors to operate in the tourism sector or on the demand of the companies currently operating in the tourism sector.

In Gunes & Gunes, as part of the preparations for hotel-oriented projects, actual and legal status of the hotel to be subject to the contract are examined, the most appropriate road map is determined, and our clients are ideally represented in agreements to be signed with national and international investors and financial institutions. As a law office, when it comes to hotel investments of our clients, we provide services such as creation, development and financing of project drafts, determination of zoning status of the land, transactions of building permits and licenses, transactions of allocation and subdivision of land and application for incentives. Other legal consultancy services we provide under the lease, management and financing agreements of the hotel consist of license agreements on business and brand, development of procurement and management model, advertising activities and transfer of assets subject to special procedure.

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