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Health can be defined as having the ability to be in harmony with the environment in physical, spiritual, sociological and mental sense, or as the absence of any dysfunction or disability. Health Law is a unique branch of law that regulates the relationships between the health service providers, the providers of services and the control and supervision mechanisms assigned to these services.

The most common cases in this area are malpractice cases. According to the Rules of Occupational Ethics, the concept of malpractice is defined as the harm of a patient due to the ignorance, inexperience or indifference of the physician. World Medical Association made this definition much broader and added to the physically impractical behaviours of the physician, the neglect of misbehaviour, the failure to intervene in the wrong application or the change of the standard procedure, if not necessary. Malpractice (Physician Failure) causes the legal and in some cases criminal liability of the physician who is applying the wrong treatment and his institution, as well. Patients who are injured due to the physician's fault or the defect of the health institution have the right to claim physical and moral compensation from the physician or the institution. However, the dispersed legislation in this area may require a good law office.

As Gunes & Gunes law office, as we follow current legislation in the field of Health Law, we also watch the procedures and practices of health institutions in various regions of the cities to the extent allowed by legal facilities. We provide attorneyship and consultancy services to our individual and institutional clients in all the legal services related to health law including malpractice (Physician Failure) cases in particular, and patient rights, physician failures, professional liabilities of physicians, decisions of Supreme Council of Health, legal aspect of organ transplantation and liabilities of private health institutions.

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