Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law


As the law office Gunes & Gunes, for the solution of any disputes that may arise between our clients and third parties, to file and pursue a lawsuit in the competent court and to appeal final decisions when needed are our main duties. But in many cases, only the conclusion of the lawsuit is not sufficient; the final decision given as a result of the lawsuit may be required to be put into force and it may be necessary for our clients to apply for compulsory execution for the collection of their receivables in the face of the third parties. In order to prevent further loss, damage and violation of our debtor clients' rights, legal protection means may be in question in the framework of the opportunities that the legislation recognizes.

As a law office; we protect our clients' assets to the extent that enforcement and bankruptcy law legislation allows by providing services in many sub-branches of executive law such as debt restructuring procedure and concordatum and bankruptcy institutions for the deeply in debt enterprises of our clients.

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