What is the procedure to be followed in order to operate in the free zone?

What is the procedure to be followed in order to operate in the free zone?

1- The Operating License Application Form obtained from the General Directorate, Regional Directorate or Free Zone Operator or Founder/Operating company has to be filled. It is recommended that this procedure will be carried out in the presence of an experienced lawyer.

2- The application fee ($ 5,000) needs to be deposited into the dolar bank account of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (bank account no 951 101 301)

3-A petition needs to be submitted to the General Directorate or the Regional Directorate, together with the application file (Operating License Application Form, annexes and photocopies) and the original receipt showing that the application fee has been paid.

4- The application is evaluated by the General Directorate. If the application is being rejected the application fee will be refunded.

If positive;

5- In case the application result is positive, a lease agreement shall be concluded within 30 days with the Free Zone Founder and Operator/Operator company or with the users holding an Operating License for leasing a workplace.

6- After signing the lease agreement, an application shall be made to the General Directorate together with the lease agreement.

7- The General Directorate will issue an operating license after the evaluation of the required documents.