Doğrudan Yabancı Yatırımlar Sık Sorulan Sorular

What is the Procedure to Be Followed to Open a Liaison Office?

In order to open a liaison office in Turkey, the following documents must be submitted to the Under secretariat of Treasury and the General Directorate of Foreign Investment:

Is It Possible to Employ Foreign Personnel in Turkey?

Foreign personnel can be employed in Turkey.

What are the Main Features of Labor Legislation in Turkey?

n Turkey, it is possible to work a maximum of 45 hours a week, and if all parties agree, the total working hours can be divided in different ways over a working day, provided that it does not exceed 11 hours per day.

Is There a Legal Framework Regarding Foreign Direct Investments?

The newly enacted Foreign Direct Investment Law clearly reflects the balanced and liberal approach Turkey has adopted towards international investments. This law, with its full disclosures, is a legal guide to international investors regarding their rights and obligations.

What are the advantages of free zones?

The advantages of free zones are that the operation licenses are given for a long duration. In this respect an Operation License is given for the duration of;

What is the procedure to be followed in order to operate in the free zone?

In order to operate in free zones, an Operating License must be obtained from the Free Zones General Directorate of the Under secretariat of Foreign Trade. To obtain an operating license the following requirements must be met;