Restructuring Law Cases


Restructuring is the arrangement of the debtor in favour of the debtor on the current debt amount or payment plan by negotiating directly with the creditors, either informally or unofficially, if the borrower falls into the difficulty or the impossibility of the payment. The issues at the heart of the restructuring process can be summarized as strategic evaluation, improvement of capital, reduction of costs, transfer and financial, legal risk and opportunity analysis.

Gunes & and Gunes law office, with its lawyer staff, offers formal or informal practical advice on debt restructuring to its clients, in this direction, it represents its clients in the structuring negotiations and transactions.

Restructuring is not only used in debt repayment situations, but also in processes such as growth or shrinkage decisions, merger, acquisitions, divisions, supply chains that are taken in order to keep up with the fluctuations that occur frequently in the world economy and strategic changes in global markets, and also renewal when deemed necessary. As a law office, with our lawyers working in the field of debt and investment consultancy to intervene not only during the establishment of the terms and conditions of the restructuring, but also in advance of it, we provide services to our clients in the matters of evaluation of financing options, credit application, credit rating process, development of financial strategies and relations with factoring organizations.

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