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In its most general terms, the company is to bring one or more natural or legal persons together into labour or capital in order to provide financial gain. In this case, companies have a separate legal entity by executing the necessary legal procedures. Company Law is a branch of law covering the establishment, capital structures, types, partners, administration and operation, representation, termination and liquidation of these companies.

In Gunes & Gunes law office, with our lawyers working in the field of Commercial and Company Law, in accordance with the demands of our clients, who are active in individual, national and international areas, we provide legal consultancy services in the matters of preparation of master agreement, determination of the shareholding structure, realization of the company, carrying out registration procedures such as trade name and business name, gathering of general assembly and board of directors, and decision making and resolution of disputes regarding these decisions. We also provide services, except for the establishment and periodical transactions, such as amendment in master agreement, capital increase and discount, elimination or prevention of losses arising from changes in capital, pursuance of the company rights and receivables in the face of competent courts and execution offices. As a law office; we also provide services to our clients with commercial status in the matters of defence procedures in accordance with the provisions of Criminal Law against bankruptcy proceedings, concordatum and partners and acts requiring criminal responsibility of company bodies when necessary.

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