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Contracts are agreements where more than one natural or legal person is entitled to or against each other. Covering almost every branch of law, we encounter with Law of Contract especially in the fields such as Consumer Law, Labour Law, Commercial Law, Family Law and Inheritance Law. The parties are not limited to the types of contracts in the provisions of special law due to the "freedom of contract" which is guaranteed by the Constitution, as long as it is not against the general legal rules, they are free to put their will in the field they wish. This situation led to the emergence of contracts other than the types of contracts in the laws and the birth of the Law of Contracts as a new branch of law.

Gunes & Gunes law office, with its lawyers working in the field of Law of Contract, provides legal consultancy services in the matters of representation in the stages of pre-contract, preparation, negotiation and signature; determination of criminal conditions in order to prevent possible violations and damages; supervision of the compliance with the general framework and behaviour of contracts not regulated by laws such as franchising (dealership) or sponsorship. As a law office; we provide services for determination of the conditions related to the form and the basis in mixed transactions such as time share vacation, construction right in return for flat or hospital admission agreement; lease agreement; notification by contract, sending termination and return declarations to the other party to terminate the contract. In case of breach of contract, we provide legal consultancy and advocacy service for the procedures such as the request for the application of forcing to fulfilment, retraction, termination, price or restitution and the penal clause, including the settlement, mediation, arbitration, litigation and enforcement.

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