Competition Law Litigation


Competition is the name given to the economic race between entrepreneurs in a sector of goods or services. The whole set of rules for the protection and development of competitiveness and returns in the market and for preventing non-competitive attitudes is called Competition Law.

States are developing various practices and imposing sanctions to prevent violations in the area of competition law. As Gunes & Gunes law office, with our lawyers working in the field of Competition Law, we provide legal consultancy and advocacy services to our clients at every stage of unfair competition investigation and sanction processes, including cartel and anti-dumping, including manufacturers, importers and foreign states. In this direction, we also have consultancy services in the matters of current regulations on local and international competition, complaint applications to ministries and other institutions, representation at the stage of investigation, prosecution and civil proceedings, and making contracts and documents related to the operation of the enterprise in compliance with the Competition Law legislation.

Competition Law is also important in Merger and Acquisitions transactions. As a matter of fact, these mergers and acquisitions may also result in the abolition of small undertakings or the prevention of entry of new undertakings into the market in some cases. As a law office, with our lawyers working in the fields of Company Law and Competition Law; we provide consultancy services in the matters of determining whether the merger and transfer is subject to the Competition Authority's supervision, delivery of the notification forms to the Authority, turnover calculations of the companies that are party to the transaction and following the investigations carried out by the institution and submitting the required information and documents.

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