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Commercial Law refers to the whole of the legal rules regarding the establishment, maintenance and termination of commercial personality or relations between natural or legal persons and the resolution of disputes that may arise. It is an undisputed fact that every trader is subject to commercial affairs and commercial law regardless of whether he/she is a natural or legal person.

Business life has a variable structure that needs speediness and continuity. Therefore, speediness of the legal business and transactions related to business life is as important as their accuracy. In this context, one of the prominent issues is commercial contracts. In order for the business life to proceed in a healthy way both within the borders of our country and internationally, commercial contracts play an important role in the stages of prevention of disputes, removal of uncertainties and ensuring maximum confidence.

With the developing technology, e-commerce is rapidly spreading at the present day. E-commerce is the case when commercial activities are conducted via electronic devices and the Internet. Although this field becomes widespread, since it is a new area for Turkey, we believe that traders who want to advance in this field should get effective legal consultancy by working with a right law office.

One of the areas where business life develops in Antalya is the Free Zone. The Antalya Free Zone is over-preferred since it contains financial and legal advantages for investors. However, the operation here is subject to different legislative provisions. Correct identification and implementation of these provisions will prevent the loss of time and money of the investor.

As Gunes & Gunes law office, with our lawyers working in the field of commercial law, we provide legal consultancy and advocacy services to our individual, national and international clients, in the face of Turkey and Free Zones, such the matters of preparation, execution and termination of national and international commercial contracts and resolution of disputes; commercial negotiations and consensus, franchising contracts, investment incentives, foreign capital transfer, making necessary applications regarding company entities in the face of official authorities; realization of transactions and resolution of the legal disputes that may arise in all these issues, and e-commerce.

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