Family Law


Family Law is a body of Civil Law regulating family relationships. In this body of law, there are legal arrangements mainly including desponsation, marriage and divorce, custody, alimony, matrimonial home, marital property, paternity and adoption. Custody and alimony have a very important and special place in divorce suits. In the event that the claims regarding these matters are not determined in a lawful and correct way, in such a case, after the end of marriage, irrecoverable unjust suffering may arise. Therefore, a law office that embodies qualified lawyers in the field of family law should be preferred.

Gunes & Gunes provides attorneyship and consultancy service related to family law. With our lawyers working in this field, those following matters are resolved in favour of our clients: in the pre-marital period, engagement and matrimonial property contracts; at the moment of marriage, identification and registration of matrimonial home; in case of divorce, indemnity, alimony, custody and division of matrimonial property; and all the disputes on these issues.

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