Civil and Inheritance Law Cases


Civil Law is a comprehensive body of law that includes the rights that natural or legal persons have in their social relations and which they can assert and that includes the use, restriction and transfer of these rights. The inheritance law, which is one of the sub-branches of civil law, examines the determination and resolution of the rules and disputes that may arise related to the management of legator's patrimony.

With its lawyers working in the fields of Civil Law and Inheritance Law, Gunes & Gunes law office provides attorneyship and consultancy services in the civil law field to its natural and legal person clients in the cases related to appointment of guardianship, age and name allocation and population. As a law office, in terms of inheritance law, we provide attorneyship and consultancy services in the matters of making a last will, inheritance and succession procedures, partition of the inheritance, renunciation of inheritance, elimination of joint ownership and heritage lawsuits.

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