Which documents are required to apply for a marriage?

List of Documents Required for Marriage Application

Various documents are requested from the couples in the applications for marriage. The documents that need to be submitted to the relevant departments of the municipalities are reported in the list below. First of all, he or she must have a residence address in the Municipality where the marriage application will be made. The residence address must to be registered in Mernis (Turkish Central Civil Registration System) If your Mernis record is at another address, you will need to update your address.

Turkish Identity card with photo stating Turkish Identity Number and the last marital status (IDs other than identity card are not accepted. Pursuant to Marriage Regulation Art. 18)

At least 6 color passport photos taken within the last 6 months. (Photos of women with headscarf are accepted if the forehead, chin and face are not covered)

Marriage Health Report obtained from the Family Health Physician or the Municipality's polyclinic (The reports must be signed and stamped by the doctors. Those who do not know who their family health doctors are can obtain the necessary information hereabout from the Ministry of Health )

For divorced woman a final court decision stating that the period of iddah is withdrawn if a marriage application is to be made within 300 days after the divorce.

If the spouses have not completed the age of 17, a marriage license obtained from one of their parents or both is required.

If persons who are over 16 years of age are applying for marriage, a permission document obtained from the court is required.

If one of the parties is a foreigner, a certified document (according to Article 20 of the Marriage Regulation) stating the name, surname, mother's name, father's name, date of birth, marital status and whether there is any obstacle to marriage is required. This document is issued by the competent authorities of the country of which he or she is a citizen or, if that state has representations in Turkey, by the representative offices.

If the couple is not able to apply together, the spouse who is not present is required to issue a special power of attorney at the Notary Public and hand this over to the other spouse.

Marriage declarations and documents handed over by the municipalities must be filled by the spouses.

If the spouses have decided to apply the separation of goods regime a Notarized Separation of Property Agreement must be submitted.

Those who want to use their maiden name should verbally submit this request at the time of application.

If you want to get married in a place other than the place of residence, a permission certificate is needed from the municipality of residence.

The validity period of the application documents is 6 months.

The application day request will be made after all documents are issued.

Within at least 3 days after the application the spouses are invited to the municipality