Which behaviors are considered as domestic violence?

The concept of domestic violence is kept very broadly in the law. It would be more logical to explain these concepts under four main headings.

Physical Violence: Although it is the least common type of domestic violence, it is the type of domestic violence that draws the most attention in the society due to its dimensions to cause serious harm. Physical violence is not clearly defined in the law, but it can be defined as any act of violence that has the purpose of intimidation. There are many forms of physical violence. Slapping, strangling, kicking, punching, stabbing, , cutting or pulling hair, harming the body with any kind of object such as a gun, knife etc. pouring boiling water and extinguishing cigarettes on the body are one of many examples in this respect.

Psychological Violence: It is the most common type of domestic violence. Psychological violence can be defined as forcing a person to do or not to do something through intimidation without using physical violence. Examples of psychological violence, which are frequently experienced in the family, are shouting, swearing, threatening, insulting, locking down, humiliating, hiding children, intervening, using pressure and preventing personal development.

Economic Violence: The economy, which is the biggest cause of domestic violence in Turkish society, can sometimes be used as a means of violence. All kinds of restrictions on the economic freedom of the person in the family, the use of money as a means of pressure and sanctions can be defined as economic violence. Examples of economic violence, which are frequently experienced in the family, are not giving money, giving very limited money, not giving information about the economic expenditures or savings of the family, taking away property, taking awat the money or jewelry of the spouse, not letting the spouse to work or forcing her to work in jobs she does not want.

Sexual Violence: Any kind of restriction of one's sexual freedom in the family or any kind of sexual coercion and the use of sexuality as an element of pressure and sanction can be defined as sexual violence. Examples of sexual violence that are frequently experienced in the family are forcing the woman to have intercourse, forcing the intercourse in a way that the woman does not want (anal sex and oral sex can be given as examples), forcing sexual intercourse with others, deliberately harming a woman's genitals, forcing not to give birth to a child, forcing abortion, forcing incest, forcing her to prostitution, forcing her to marry someone she does not want, verbally or sexually harassing, showing his genitals by making sexually offensive verbal or visual actions are some of many examples which fall under the definition of sexual violence.