What happens if the alimony is not paid?

In case of non-payment of alimony, according to Article 344 of the Execution and Bankruptcy Law; “The debtor, who does not fulfill the requirements of the decisions regarding alimony, is sentenced to imprisonment of up to three months upon the complaint of the other spouse. The non paying spouse is released after pays the alimony.

If the spouse who is convicted to pay alimony has filed a lawsuit requesting the removal or reduction of alimony, the application of pre-trial detention may be left to the end of this case, taking into account the reasons he put forward.” In other words, the spouse who is convicted to pay alimony and does not comply with the payment terms as stated in the judgment is sentenced to a prison sentence of ten days to three months by the Enforcement Criminal Court, depending on the circumstances and upon request of the other spouse. ​The same provision applies for alimony applicable ​after the execution of the sentence.