What are the conditions of the eviction lawsuit due to breach of contract (lease agreement)?

Pursuant to the provision of Article 316 of the Turkish Code of Obligations, the lessee is obliged to use the leased property with care in accordance with the lease contract and to show the necessary respect to the residents and neighbors.

The lessor must notify the lessee in writing that the breach needs be rectified by giving the lessee at least thirty days (for residence and roofed workplace rents). In case the breach is not rectified within this period the lessor has the right to terminate the agreement by written notice.

In the case of residence and roofed workplace rent, the lessor may terminate the contract immediately by written notice in case the lessee deliberately causes heavy damage to the rented property, the time to be given to the lessee is understood to be useless, or the lessee's breach of this obligation is unbearable for the lessor and or the ​neighbors.

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