My spouse and I did not get divorced, however my spouse started to sell the assets because of the fear of divorce,

Family Law is a concept with as main purpose to ensure the ​continuity of the family and to prevent one of the spouses from being harmed due to marriage. If one of the spouses publicly violates the rules of Family Law, in this case, an injunction can be requested from the court

For the spouse who sells his assets due to the possibility of divorce, an injunction can be requested from the court without even filing a divorce case. Because, when we think that the purpose of the existence of Family Courts is to protect the economic integrity of the family, the court will be able to give an injunction in this direction. Measures can be requested based on the article "Protection of the Economic Existence of the Family" in Article 199 of the Turkish Civil Code. In such a case, the court will first look at the values of the disposed goods and make a decision accordingly. However, if the lawsuit is filed with the request for injunction, the court may impose measures on the assets until the end of the lawsuit. At the end of the case, the court may seek its approval for the sale of the family's assets. The right of the spouse in the disposition on the assets may be limited by the court.