I am subject to domestic violence. What can I do if I apply to the Family Court?

The most effective method for family members who have been subject to violence is to apply to the Family Court and Public Prosecutor. As a result of an application to the Family Court due to domestic violence, the court judge may impose various punishments on the perpetrator in accordance with the Law on the Protection of the Family and the Prevention of Violence Against Women.

The main sanction in this respect is banishment of the common house and the sanction of up to a certain distance not entering the area where the common house is. If the perpetrator of domestic violence does not comply with these sanctions he will be ​subject to a prison sentence. The judge of the court will promptly take the measures he deems appropriate without going into the merits of the file. This lawsuit is filed free of charge.

A prison sentence will also be applicable in cases such as damaging goods of the common house, disturbing, and stalking via telephone. In case of imprisonment if the perpetrator has a gun registered on his name, he is obliged to hand over the gun to the law enforcement officers.