Administrative Lawsuits


Administrative Law is the set of rules that regulate the organization and functioning of the state organs and public institutions and organizations, which take its basis from the Constitution and regulate the relations of these institutions with the principles. The regulations for the protection of the weaker individual in administrative law are not emphasized; in this respect, the power and dominance of the administration are considered indirectly in the disputes arising in the field of Administrative Law. Therefore, with the service of a right law office, it will be easier for the individual weak against the administration to get his/her right.

In Gunes & and Gunes law office, with our lawyer staff working in the field of Administrative Law, we provide consultancy and advocacy services in the matters of unilateral operations of the administration, objections to administrative sanctions, contracts concluded with the administration, resolution of objections and disputes to public procurement institutions' decisions, objections to be made against the public works and housing procedures of the municipalities and implementation of the procedures.

Güneş & Güneş Law Firm

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