European exemption limit on green passports

Exemption limit is imposed on green (private) and gray (service) passports, which can be traveled to European countries without a visa. These passport holders, who can travel to European countries without prior permission and processing, have to register as of 2021. During the registration process, citizens are also required to pay a 7 euro fee in order to obtain an entry permit.

The limitation of green and gray passports from the Schengen region countries will begin in the new year. These passport holders, who can go to European countries without any permission and processing before, have to get permission and register from now on.

According to the announcement of EuroAsia, which provides visa intermediation service, green and gray passport holders will have to obtain permission in advance to travel to European countries as of 2021. In accordance with the decision taken for citizens who have the freedom to travel to European countries without a visa, a limitation on visa-free travel was introduced. From now on, those who are exempted from visa for European travel will also need to get permission to enter the country prior to their travel.

They will register and pay money

While visa-free travel rights are restricted in accordance with the decision taken, according to the European Parliament announcement in 2018; Turkish citizens holding green and gray passports who wish to travel to one of the European countries in 2021 will be required to register through the ETIAS system before their travels. During the registration process, passengers are also required to pay a certain amount of the fee in order to obtain an entry permit. The amount of this fee determined is 7 euro.

Reasons for the decision

Passengers under the age of 18 and over 70 will be exempted from the related fee. Turkish citizens holding green and gray passports are subject to visa exemption, while they are required to obtain travel permits for entry into Europe. The European Parliament declaring that the primary purpose of the new law is security; they stated that they made such a decision on grounds such as ensuring border control, epidemic danger, illegal immigration, security threat and protecting citizens of their own country.

There will be pre-control

Turkish citizens who have a green and gray passport will apply for entry into Europe as of 2021. However, the documents submitted by each applicant will not be accepted unconditionally and will go through pre-control. In the event of any immigration or security threat, applications may be rejected applications for entry to Europe.

One time registration will be valid for 3 years

The entry permit given to Turkish citizens holding green and gray passports who wish to travel to Europe will remain valid for 3 years depending on the new decision.

Background of the event

In a news article published in DW Turkish on the subject, the statements of "Ministry of Interior Spokesperson" stated that "In Turkey, having a passport issued to government officials and public officials such as a green passport, gray passport or diplomatic passport does not allow you to automatically enter and stay in the Schengen area and Germany in this context."

According to this news, In recent years, in Turkey, green and diplomatic passports of the increase in the number of the holder is cause a problem that especially in the German government. Unfortunately, these passport is used out of purpose, and for example even some truck drivers has green passport.

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